'how to love unconditionally' by stevi ♥

1. be patient . when you love someone, they will not be perfect . they might have some insecurities . they might sing the wrong lyrics to your favorite songs. you're significant other might pick at your plate of food [*see kevin hart's seriously funny for more info lol] . they might wear a busted pair of holey-shoes that you cant stand !!they may chew with their mouth open ... that's just bad home trainin' aha . at the end of the day, you aren't perfect either and sometimes you have to take some bad if you have an amazing person on your arm that 'gets you' and understands you .

2. communicate . if something is bothering you, let it out ! dont let things build up and then all of a sudden you wanna strangle him cause he left the milk on the counter lol . you look crazy & then he's sleeping with one eye open . it's weird & awkward i'm sure . on a serious note, open up to the person that you love . you may not know it, but they may feel the exact same way you do about a situation . it's much easier to say, "i love you so much" than it is, "you really hurt me when ..."

3. forgive . if men are men, and women are women ... someone's gunna hurt the other person . now, my friend got mad at me and said, "I REFUSE TO EXCEPT THAT ! WHY DO WE HAVE TO ANTICIPATE BEING HURT??" after i told her to chill out & stop screaming (lol)... i tried to explain . im not condoning cheating on a loved one & hurting someone is not always directly correlated to 'cheating' (excuse my extremely formal tone here) . hurting can be lying, or being deceitful, or cursing or whateverrrr . im just saying, if the person is worthy of your love, you can try your best to forgive and move on .

4. selflessness . OMG i cannot stress this enough . we have to sacrifice for the ones we love . here's the crazy part, we shouldn't mind because ultimately, we want to see the other person to be HAPPY ! now, hopefully the same thing is reciprocated from your partner (you dont want someone who simply takes and takes) & that results in a beautiful relationship . being generous, thoughtful and considerate is the ultimate way to display love .

5. lastly, God is love . it takes hard work to love someone unconditionally . when they hurt you or fall short of expectations ... you feel like things are impossible . however, if God is present in the relationship ... any bruise can be healed and any harm can be undone :) even circumstances that seem too crazy, they are mended through Jesus . I have learned so much about what it means to LOVE: through observation, advice, the bible & even personal experiences . of course i dont know it all, and who am i to advise you all ? lol ... but hey, i wish the best for all those couples out there & im hoping this helps !

-Stevi Renee , XoXo


  1. just wne I needed to hear it the most....I need to reread

  2. thanks ! im happy that you can relate & i hope it all works out :)