hugo bossin' . ♥

where steez meets intellect .
where sandpaper wonders across velvet .
that is you're waiting room .
"thanks for waiting, i'll be right with you shortly"
i'm not even shallow, but swag. baby, swag -
& im slipping through the slits of your eyes .

quite frankly, they make my inner chaos still .
oh, those windows ;
those slanted, dark brown windows that could bend brick houses if they wanted to .
thank God you had mercy on me .

those heavy eyes;
piercing . prying . and poking fun at my veiled heart .
you find my curtain humorous- you can still see my silhouetted soul .
not much is left to the imagination,
but i hold up my veil just in case .

& you listen hard to the sound in my lace delicates .
your imagination sinks down in my Levi dukes .
you peep the fly in my fingers ...
but dig my values even more -
ain't that what we want ?
insight into our inner ticking clocks ?

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