pouring out the last drops .

we just sit in puddles of hope
& pray that it won't drown us while we sleep .
and we pray for sanity as a parting gift to keep ...

Today, mrs. harper said that her daughter got into a car accident (just following her sickness that has her feeble) . she proclaimed, "i know they say that 'God won't put more on you than you can bear.' Well, I'm honored that God thinks so highly of me and my family ."

we swim within the waves of worry -
we seem to panic and gasp for air
wanting someone -ANYONE to hear us up there ...

Keyona found out that a guy that she was dating has a girlfriend back home . a girlfriend with a swollen womb that will POP come spring . she sighed, "i cried . not because he was an asshole ... but because i'm not sure if men are hopeless cases."

we micromanage our lives
because we know this life is quick,
fine-tuning every bolt, so the rusted ones can tick ...

I'm currently typing in my apartment lobby across from a young man . he has a full beard & mustache, but is also wearing a lace front wig . i guess times are changing ?

...but time won't change everything.

like that nostalgic tingling in my tummy ...
that i HATE .
& want to slit my stomach so the butterflies can fly away .
'cause i'm not who i was this time last year -
and i'm grateful for the people who love me
& still crave to be here ...