i dont know why i chose this cheesy picture .

well, sometimes i forget that this is MY blog and that i can actually post about whatever i want lol . i usually post works of writing, videos, poems, or social commentary ... and sometimes i forget that this is from my perspective . so: RECAP ;
i am back at Spelman (truly and only by the grace of God). it feels so strange to be a junior on campus this year . i remember moving to atlanta and being ter-ri-fied out of my mind lol . i didn't know where to go, what not to do, what to eat, who to trust ... i literally knew NO ONE in my year . things have really changed for me over the course of two years and some months . im now living in an apartment with my friend and with no meal plan (holla at ya starving college student lol) *sidebar: if you see me and i look evil, its only because i havent eaten yet ...i tend to get grumpy sorry lol ... anyway, im finding money for my college tuition & living expenses on my own, officially .

God has brought some amazing people into my life who have helped me, encouraged me, and inspired me to make the word "impossible" a foreign concept . im hungry for my education now . im anxious for future life experiences & spiritual success (ill elaborate some other time). i let go of stress, drama, any past animosity, and im open to every new possibility . whatever i go through from this point on will be counted all joy . it will simply be a building block towards my perseverance & character . my mind & soul are renewed . with that being said, i apologize to my consistent blog readers for my slow-post habits these days . due to work load, newspaper articles, and occasional sleep ... i'm short on time . i'm still posting , hang in there with me !

all my love,
stevi renee

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