and ... scene !

i dont need a serial lover man :
googley-eyed, stunted-at-growth, shallow love is banned .
tired of men 'falling in love' right after lunch or dinner,
these big ego-souled, midget mind, hacking-heart killers .

creeping in our windows and marking up their space,
tip-toeing in and out of bed just for a little taste .
they lose their minds along the grind & say that theyre 'in love'
but with whom ? susie? sally? jane? ... or all of thee above .

ladies: you're disposable. it's sad, but often true .
although he says you're "different", he's said it to a few .
find a man who sticks around & puts forward his best toes .
unwavering love is pure in substance, a cryptonite for woes .

[curtain close]


women, stray from serial lovers . they are obsessed with the "idea of love", but hardly know what it is . love is not only a feeling, but it is a verb . half of the time, men will say it ... but be in "love" with someone else just as easy . that's not love . although this is not the most convenient method, time & actions will tell if someone really loves you . [i know some men are upset ... cool lol . this one isn't for you ... ]


  1. You are such a talented writer! I really enjoyed reading this an I agree with you, there are so many men out there who just TALK. They don't put any emotion or any thought behind what they are saying. They just say it because they know so many women out there will eat it up like candy and just bask in the word LOVE. But you are SO on point when you said that love isn't just a feeling and that it is a verb as well. A guy needs to actually show his woman he loves her through his actions and if he does that enough then words will become superfluous. Because until the individual starts SHOWING you that he cares, he is just all talk. It is so easy to be caught up in someone, especially when they are telling you EVERYTHING you want to hear and then some, but the truth of the matter is he probably said the same dang thing to Monica, Alyssa, Yolanda, Amber, KiKi, and your cousin Brittany last week! lol, it is the sad sad sad but cold hard truth. Very, very VERY good post, you should send this in a mass e-mail to females across the globe because a lot of people need to hear this!

    feel free to check out my blog!

  2. thank you so much for reading !

    i just want people to understand the severity of emotions . they're so complex and can change everything ... kinda crazy .

    but thanks for the love !

  3. hiihhihhhihihi...this was nice as always!!

    10 outta 10 on this

  4. ok,
    but i really wabt to know...what love is..?