you are appreciated .

"I have the nerve to walk my own way, however hard, in my search for reality, rather than climb upon the rattling wagon of wishful illusions."
- Zora Neale Hurston .

My freshman year, i came into Morehouse with a weird look on my face ... one of confusion, boredom, and a drop of bewilderment lol . They were so different from the men that i was accustomed to and i felt like i was in a foreign land lol . Well let me be the first to say that i'd be happy to choke on the criticism that i hurled into the campus of Morehouse College .

I took a stroll through Morehouse today and i swear my eyelids were taped to my forehead with astonishment . Dont get me wrong, there are still a lot of pretentious and lame guys across the way... yet and still, i saw some of my same 'kucklehead' friends(as my dad would call them) from Freshmen year and how they have matured . They have goals, they have confidence, they have more self-respect & really... just on their grown man tip. Fellas, it's appreciated lol . Morehouse really does focus on the five pillars of their institution: Well spoken, Well traveled, Well read, Well dressed & Well balanced. In these last two years alone, i have noticed men in leadership positions, creating organizations, helping the less fortunate, and confident individualism . Sad to say, that is a hard thing to come across in other places throughout the United States .

Unfortunately, a LARGE amount of young, black men shy away from the forefront of leadership and responsibility. But somehow, we as women are expected to let these same men 'lead our households and families'. Into where might i ask? poverty? ignorance? materialism? the 50's? [smh] ... I love men who can take charge and I love men who I can trust to lead if I need to be led (not to mention a man who can clean up nicely). Im just shouting out the men IN GENERAL who have goals and see the world in a bigger scope ... bigger than the limitations, discrimination, haters, hoods and barriers in your way . What can i say? I love black men :)


  1. LMBO ROTFL, born and raised in Atlanta, and i still live here, ya'll Morehouse and Spellman niggas are ok. I got respect for brothers that made it without college, handouts, and joining a sorority in order to suck another nigga dick to call him yo brother. Alot of them act as thow there better than everyone until a real nigga put a 45 in his mouth. GOODTIMES GOODTIMES :)

  2. first off, it's "spelman" . lol

    secondly, college is not synonymous with "handouts" . contrary to your dismayed belief, some people work very hard to get to college and it's unfortunate that you are threatened by college students . clearly, if we we're only "ok", we wouldnt be worth this paragraph that you just put on my blog [not to mention you're hella disrespectful right now].

    lastly, there's no such thing as a 'real nigga' ... niggas dont exist , thats just a word that glorifies ignorance . so chill .

    goodluck with that puddle of insecurity that you're playing in ...

  3. wow . clearly you're crazy ... you're in my prayers little soldier .