standards .

i mean , Steve makes a lot of good points . he apparently hasnt met me yet (lol) but i digress . Anywhooo ...

Why do girls have anxiety about having standards ? really . whats so wrong with knowing what you want ? whats so wrong with NOT settling ? This is the problem :

Girls bend so much on their standards that they entertain hundreds of liars, cheaters, deceivers & manipulators . After being left alone hundreds of times, they confuse themselves and think that theyre the ones to blame . Nope ! if you had stuck to your standards in the first place, you would have your honest, open, good-communicating, christian, moral boyfriend . Its like buying a broken flat iron and thinking that its going to straighten your hair . and even worse, you might be able to fix a broken flat iron ...but humans dont come with a manual .

Alot of girls get confused and wanna reject a guy with the intentions of getting him to come back . When you tell a guy to leave (because he lacks the criteria) ...it needs to be because you want better for yourself ... NOT because you reeeeally wanna settle and want to trick him . come on . A man may have some idiotic tendencies, but he is not a complete fool . As Riley (from the boondocks) would say, "game recognize game and you lookin a little unfamiliar" ...look unfamilar . surprise these guys by actually sticking to what you want . If youre trying to "trick him" into thinking that youre secure, stop now . youre not fooling anyone ... except for yourself . think about it, yeah ?

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