society poison .

i never knew there was a place in the back of the mind that you could hide things .
i believe in the subconsious and conscious thoughts that wanna comb through our thick, stubborn brains .
but this is different .

i never knew there was a place, a section in the back of the mind that acted as a prison for particular memories, thoughts, and realizations .
bars extended from the floor of your brain to the ceiling of it .
they're electrical, steal, cold, and unreal .
at the front lie guard dogs that snarl at the impression of an approach .

but to me, they couldnt be more restraining . as soon as i reach for a fun time or an emotion, my body shuts off just long enough for me to back away . sometimes living in a state of numbness is better than a constant pain that melts the mind into a puddle of "whoa is me".

However, these memories and thoughts have been wrongfully imprisoned .
guiltiness swarms my body paralyzing me from moving forward in other aspects of life.
i owe it to her to set them free , but its all about preservation .
i cant guarantee that a mass release of the prisoners wont cause a mental breakdown .
so, ill release one by one slowly until we can coincide .

grief is the DNA of despair ; everyone's different .

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