no .

teal blue skies with red clouds .
a cool foundation and background that should sustain the fondest and simplest of results .
this blue sky gave birth to red puffs of complication .
so complicated in fact, that the word "complication" needs to be used because it's thee most vague word available .

if "complicated" was not proper diction, then the clouds would be forced to change color every half of a second .
i cant handle it .
id rather sum it all up to a vibrant, bold, complicated red . it's the easy way out .

who knew things could be more mind-throbbing, more complex, more frustrating than "complicated" ?
thinking what you've learned will prepare you for what's next .
hmm . "what's next" is simply the same equation with a slight movement of the variable .
we dont know how to react .
this is a harp playing softly behind african drums .

as w i d e & gorgeous as the teal stretches across the heavens,
those clouds steal the spotlight .
how unfair is that ? .
this is not meant for people to completely comprehend .
it's meant to clear the membrane until the clouds turn into ivory clarity ...

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