like a sore thumb .

"your hair last night was amazing !!"

"i really love your style, its so edgy and cute..."

"whoaaaaa, your shoes were so ugly . who wears those anymore?"

"wow, and your shoes made the whole thing just... POP!"

in a sea of positivity and compliments, we always seem to hook and real in the bad comment . no matter how many "wows" and "marvelous" and "amazings" we hear, the one "not your best" or "ugly" seems to stick to us like fly paper . negativity is so much more than a word . it is so much more than a "hater", negativity is life's spiritual obesitity . It's meant to weigh you down when you should be running in a good direction .

negativity is a tricky one . it comes in so many forms . those girls who tell you what will go wrong in your relationship . those guys who call you a pussy for being faithful . your mind that says you arent smart enough or diligent enough to take that philosophy class . little do we realize, those same people are wrong about every other aspect of their life, why can they tell you about yours ? the girl who has so much to say about your boyfriend, is allowing hers to beat on her as we speak . the guy who calls you a pussy is gunna be single and lonely till he's sixty five . Even the things we "think" about ourself are barriers built up with bricks of other people's impression of us . sometimes, some constructive hating can benefit ...but be sure that you can tell the difference . think of how far you could go if you dusted the negativity under your rug ....

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