speak up .

the cowardly art of appeasement .
brush strokes of red discomfort and teal ambivalence swirl on a canvas until the handle breaks .
an easel of your insecurities are propped up for the world to see .
ironically enough, you do what you do so no one will notice the problems .

biting youre tounge until it bleeds .
holding the blood from spilling out because you dont want them to be uneasy .
molding the clay of situations to the point when it's too small to address .
sketching solutions to prevent the other from confrontation .
appeasement pencils . they sell like wildfire .

picking on you .
talking down to you .
cheating on you .
deceiving you .
manipulating you .
humiliating you .
hitting you .

there are no appeasement parables laying around this blog . only words from a nineteen year old girl who sees the beauty in fighting back . sticking up for oneself . sometimes sitting back and watching is the best approach . you can see whats happening and the offender doesnt know whats comming , but that doesnt mean taking the short end of the bargain time and time again .
"choose when to be silent , dont allow yourself to be silenced ."

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