eight things you dont want to hear .

1. reality television shows are REALITY . some of the scenarios are fake and the love is fake , but it is SO REAL how people make complete fools of themselves . it's real how they flash their boobs and butts for attention . it's real how they'll have sex to stay on tv for an extra week . it's real how they exploit themselves . smh

2. men do not NEED sex . contrary to his desperate claims, there is no physical evidence/science to prove that his head will blow off without it . So when a man says "I cheated because I have NEEDS"... you NEED to slap him twice and thank God that you dodged a little boy .

3. men , however, always want sex . Please dont put it past a guy to cheat on you because you wont "give it up". At the same time, dont think he wont cheat just because you had sex.

4. dont claim that all men are dogs . thats a defense mechanism to hide from the fact that there are both good and bad boys & itll be VERY hard to tell . somewhere beyond the lust, morale can be found in some guys . some guys can be selfless . it happens .... rarely , but it happens .

5. everybody cannot wear tights . its just not flattering on certain people . furreal -_-

6. ladies . finding a man is like finding a man . please dont think your looks are gunna qualify you for a relationship . if your resume simply says, "GORGEOUS & sexy" ... trust me, there's someone who's resume says that and much more . dont be so shallow .

7. dont think a girlfriend or boyfriend's ex has nothing to do with your current relationship . it has EVERYTHING to do with your relationship lol . That experience (just like every other one) has molded your bf/gf into who they are today ... including their philosophies on love .

8. our generation is a lost one . im scared to see where we'll be in 15 years . we live as if we dont expect to see 29 years old ... but what happens when we do ? your memorized lil wayne quotes and clubbin cant hold you over forever . hmm .

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  1. yessss. i agreee that alll girls dont need to wear tights. lol

    and yess. nobody goes to hawaii to swim in shallow water. no matter how gorgeous and sexy it is. girls need to realize there looks wont last forever. especially if they dont keep themselves up

    buttt yess. guys dont need sex. and girls don't need love. just show how dependent people are with artificial fantasies. love and sex are not everything, when they are separate. but when they coincide with each other, they will turn fantasies into reality