read a book.

As i mourned the end of my eleven-year relationship with Harry Potter, i stumbled across a brand new series. A friend of mine told me about a trilogy called, "The Hunger Games".

Synopsis: the novel takes place in the future where North America no longer exists and the world has been divided into 13 districts & a tyrant capitol. Years ago, the districts tried to revolt against the capitol and failed. To teach the districts a lesson, the Capitol host an annual "Hunger Games" ... two children from each district are selected to compete in a tournament. a gory, brutal fight to the death until the last adolescent is barely standing.

i endorse this book 110% ! Suzanne Collins is a brilliant fiction writer and brings some very "non-fictitious" themes about government, globalization, and humanity.  Besides, the movie comes out next year and you'll want to have read the story. promise :)

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