unforgiving fungi .

When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” - catherine ponder.

Forgiveness seems like a stale topic in today's conversation. Instead, we find that we're more connected with themes of "trust issues", "money over everything", and "emotional instability". Unfortunately, people fail to realize that forgiveness is the foundation of those fore-mentioned examples. Failing to forgive someone may seem like a small trait-malfunction. WRONG. lack of forgiveness is the seed that spreads cancerous fungus into every aspect of life.

When someone hurts us, they make us completely vulnerable. As much as we try to lie to ourselves and pretend that we are not affected, we are. THAT IS OKAY. We are human and if we are cut, we bleed - which applies both literally and figuratively. dont fight yourself over your natural emotion. It often seems that when someone else wrongs us, we wrong ourselves ten times more

  • we beat ourselves up. we think we're stupid for allowing pain in our lives. 
  • we become cold, shutting others out of our lives ... we constantly compare new people to "the wrong doers". we hallucinate and paint people out to be bad guys. 
  • we place our faith and hope in superficial things that provide hallow value for a short amount of time.
Bitterness is the ugly stepsister of an unforgiving heart. have you ever met someone who exudes negativity and evilness? they are always complaining and never happy for anyone else. YES, that person has lost hope in people. that person has lost hope in humanity. it makes them prideful. listen, it's a horrible occasion when pride gets involved - a person that thinks they are entitled to a certain outcome in life, a person who thinks they know it all. these people have an attitude that screams, "How dare God not give me what i want and how i want it !?" bitterness and pride tend to cloud a humble, open heart .

Personally, my most trying  "forgiveness" moments have been with God. Things happened in life that caused me to resent my maker. I would be moody, frustrated, bitter, and confused all of the time. I forgave the people who i felt "hurt" me. Nevertheless, i couldn't shake feelings of discontentment. I realized that i was upset with God for removing people from my life or inserting them in the first place . I am no preacher, but i do know that God would rather you come to him with your frustration and resentment than not at all. After numerous breakthroughs, i have peace about things i never thought i could. There are things in life that are bigger than money, dating, careers, and even death. Some things transcend it ALL. 

I have come to learn that unforgiving hearts harm themselves more than anything. Is there someone that comes to mind that you do not forgive ? if they were on fire, would you think twice before grabbing the hose? lol. yes, that person. do you think they're concerned about you? if so, how long do you think they'll beat themselves up over hurting you? let me tell you, LET IT GO. psh, send them a gift. send them a prayer. send them your forgiveness. forgive, and watch your life turn around :]

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