hip hop shell shock .


initially, i thought i would give my review on Watch The Throne, but then i realized that my concern is bigger than a single album review.

look, i understand that numerous emcees come from nothing and turn it into something. so consequently, "niggas" are going to brag about what they have and how much they paid for it. young, inexperienced rappers like souljah boy, nicki minaj, big sean and waka flocka are going to talk about money, hoes, cars, and labels. that's a given. however, what's the excuse for veteran rappers that have been in the game for years ? after the initial shock of getting their forty acres and a mule from record labels, you would think the veterans of hip hop would have more substantial things to say in their music.

let's not pretend like hip hop was founded on the concepts of Ménage à trois and pushing weight. grandmaster flash, the sugar hill gang and even NWA had more to say about the lifestyle and guidance of black people. You may think, "Well these aren't the civil rights or the rodney king riots." enlighten yourself. right now, we need more guidance than ever before. we have only had complete legal freedom in this country for approximately 50 years.

"Watch the Throne" may be filled with some trivial nonsense, but there is a vital, underlying concept throughout the album. Watch the Throne is challenging the concept of patriotism and our identity as a race. African Americans are the muts of the globe. for centuries, we were told that we were beneath human. for centuries we were "sicked" on each other like pit bulls - competing for "the mass'ahs" good graces. we are finally in charge of constructing our own identity as African Americans and we're still "niggas in coupes". women, we're still half naked and bent over -nose to toes- in the club. men, you're still blowing your refund checks on louis belts and nonsense you cant afford. you would think the KKK was distributing this culture to us, but no ... the pleasure was our own. clearly, we're still missing the bigger picture.    

wake up. music is the most influential medium to reach our youth and race. im not saying that you should stop listening, but at least be aware of how it affects you and your values AND THE VALUES OF YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN. please be aware that our race is not stable. when and where you enter, your race enters with you. 


  1. Stevi you are a freakin genius. This is what people need to be reading.

  2. *head bow* thank you so much, and thanks for reading .. appreciate it .