spiritual signs for sale .

it has to be in the eyes.
the eyes have to be the puzzle pieces that connect & click us together.
what else could make you sympathize, feel, fall in love, or understand someone else?
adrienne bauduit went to spelman and all we ever exchanged were polite smiles & nods .
yet, when i got the news of her untimely death ... my heart anchored to the pit of my stomach.
these heavy losses make us reflect;
adrienne had ambition, she was LIVING life, and had plans for herself. she was said to be so genuine and warm - while painting the life she always saw for herself, the canvas was stripped away.

how many plans do we half-ass create in the lazy dimension of our minds ?
when are you going to tell that girl how you really feel ?
how many times did you talk yourself out of your dreams ?
are you going to stop lying to people? to yourself ?
who are you REALLY living for ? them or you ?
how arrogant are we that we feel entitled to another day on earth? we think that we'll be around forever and 'take our time'. sometimes, we are even unhappy where we are and do nothing to change our situation. we are too scared to fight for what we want, scared of scraping our knees & hearts .

Adrienne, you touched SO MANY lives - even through life and passing. so many of us in the AUC are thankful for this spiritual awakening that you have given us. we are honoring you and keeping your family in our prayers. thank you and rest in peace.
what are you going to do with your canvas? let it rot, or paint the picture you always envisioned?

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