let it snow ; how cliche lol .

it's so ironic how snow can warm up the heart.
the white blanket covers the earth in one wide sheet and i cant help but notice how beautifully structured God's work is. forgive me if i sound too cheesy (lol) but i believe that certain natural, earthly occurrences are used to uplift and inspire people. while the snow may simply be a nuisance to some, it can be a cocoon and re-birthing process for others.

with weather like this- snow that is covering my car outside and every vulnerable street crevice possible, it makes me appreciate some solitude. being snowed in made me nervous at first, thinking "im going to lose my mind by myself". but now it's kind of peaceful. this snow gives the illusion that we're cut off from the chaotic, hectic world around us. and to a certain extent, we are. plane trips are being canceled, work, school, and business is put on hold. it's almost as if God is trying to stop the world to pay attention.

im not thinking about him or her or this or that tonight. & even though this is 'boo-loving' weather (lol), it's one of the furthest things of importance to me. im in complete and utter peace .

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