pheeeew .

sometimes you love someone & you find "the one". other times, you love a person to learn and move on with your life.

that's such an easy thing to say when you break up with someone. it makes sense, it's logical, and carries no actual weight behind it. oh, but when you are the one left in the dust, it is such a hard pill to swallow. so hard in fact, you might just choke on this pill while wading through pools and rivers of tears. nevertheless, let me say ... the statement above IS SO TRUE ! and if you can come to peace with that fact of life, after dealing with a tough situation, life becomes a lot more clear.

God does everything for a reason. You have to pull a lesson out of every situation. Once you can put a check mark next to a past dilemma & label it "lesson learned", it can be such a liberating experience. Everything that was such a huge deal is buried ten feet underneath the ground. God reveals possibilities, potential, and dodged bullets that make you wonder what you were ever "trippin" off of in the first place. with time, storms will pass .

-- dedicated to my friend, it's fine ... you got it ; just give it some time.

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