rubik's cubes.

my nerves. yes, you step on, trample over, and tap dance on every single last one. you push buttons that i thought were out of commission and throw salt on my open pride with no remorse.
and i must admit i've never been so irritated & intrigued, so simultaneously.

i say something smart & before i can smile and wallow in my own brilliance you are saying something that tucks itself under my skin- forcing a smirk to spread across my face.

i guess this mischievous banter is not for beginners, the balance of push and pull could only be mastered by a man as mad as me.

i drip emotion into your hair and you hate it. you stuff wit into my shoes and it drives me insane:


"you like me, don't you?"
"ha! no."
"alright then, im leaving."
"okay, okay, stop playing."

it's all fun & games. just keep the ambulance on speed dial.

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