'yellow mango tears' by stevi renee

"yellow mango tears"

the sun kissed the nape of my neck
as it cracked the horizon .
i gazed at my service-void cell:
i wish i had verizon .

'cause you probably called in the crevice of night
& i subconsciously ignored the ring
i'd rather ignore the melody of fated plight
"la dee dah dee dah ... not quite right," it sings .

i tighten my legs & twist my waist -
it's routine to stretch my ligaments .
& then you clog my cerebral space;
such a religious sentiment .

i try to shake the mural of misgiving off like glitter .
but they say glitter's the herpes of arts & crafts ...
in the meantime, i'm my own babysitter;
i'll tip toe in your smile, squints & laughs .


  1. creative work stevi..love u!!!

  2. see life sometimes is tiring
    when those you love are dying
    your lovely love,the one you loved
    when you lose the one who used to make you complete
    you realise that life is a one way street
    and all you can do to take away the pain
    is listen to the beats which sometimes is in vain
    at that moment its so hard to advance
    that time when you get your last glance
    and you put to the test

    you regret why you dint tell her shez the best
    and you wish you had another chance
    or atleast one last dance

    but at that time your life comes down falling
    as you remember when you were together balling
    and all you can hear is the last time she was calling
    yeah thats life its so forestalling


  3. very impressive :)
    thanks for the love