autotuned trauma .

"no one can lie to you like you can lie to yourself ", they say .

im walking on egg shells in my own mind - about as uncomfortable as Velcro-laced panties .

my safe haven of warm ink & thought has been wired and tapped by you . see, i know your watching . i know you're listening into my life . we watch each other from a distance & it's actually teetering the borderline of sick lol .

and that presence makes me crazy . it fills paranoia into my stomach, overflowing and seeping out of the ducts of eyes . it RUNS WILD in my imagination . it glues my spontaneity to a 'what if' painted floor . it fogs my car windows and beats on my soul like ike . you are my venus flytrap lover; intriguing and ugly - beautiful and deadly - sweet but sticky . mouth . never . closed . always open with the hopes of reeling something in . always open with the intent of pushing nonsense out .

the most brilliant chefs conjure up T H I N G S by reflex . im hoping you wont write down your recipe for disaster . i'm still trying to chew from last time .


  1. the people we viewed most remarkable, often fall short and do the unthinkable, I just hope you know there's is never a time when I don't think of you. deep shit stevi; oddly enough this is still my favorite blog

  2. i know, (i know you lol), & thanks .

  3. [blush] anonymous!! lol you welcome though