dirty dancing with the devil .

ethical motive: motivation based on ideas of right and wrong .

i had a discussion with my friend last night about ethics .
he said, "i do some bad sh*t ... but it's not like i don't know my right from wrong . the people who get the two confused are the f*cked up ones ."

i got to thinking . why do our ethics become more difficult to stick to with older age ? somehow the lines of morale and ethics become more faded with time . we justify actions that we know are wrong & often times try to find loopholes out of doing the right thing . hmm . i don't have as much of a problem with people who do wrong and admit it than with people who pretend like what they do isnt messed up . personally, i have some really bad habits and things that i need to change about myself... but i cant lie to myself and say that it's all good . i gotta hold myself accountable .

when we were younger, the rules to ethics were simply 'play nice' . i wish we could live by the same ethical handbook . we were expected to share our recess snacks . we knew it was wrong to "tell tales" . we knew it was wrong to hurt other people's feelings . although it sounds juvenile, it's actually the most mature life guideline to live by . people rationalize their foul by finger pointing & people have become so accustomed to the triflin' ways of the world that they have no hope in bettering themselves . it seems like we just see so much lying, dying, cheating, stealing, manipulation, selfishness, deceit, and greed that it has become acceptable to society . IT'S NOT .

recent things have just made me appreciate people who know who they are, stray from the norm, and stand strong in their beliefs . shout out to those folks (:


  1. hey I just love reading your blog and this post is truly a blessing for me! (like for real) I was just getting ready to post about simplifying my life. because of recent events in my life, I am forced to work at LOVING me first and a total self-inventory...your post was right on time! "Keep it simple sweetheart" thanks!

  2. oh im so happy to hear it !! (:
    thanks so much for reading and support