steam that self-esteem (:

what an ironic term: "self-esteem" .
whenever i hear that word used, i think of Kat Williams who so eloquently put it, "it's the esteem of yo' muthaf*ckin self ."

isn't it weird how "SELF"-esteem is so heavily influenced by everyone but ourselves ? we claim that we're SO confident and independent in life . the truth of the matter is, from the age of an infant, we relied on the encouragement and positivity of our parents and guardians to do well in life . when we reach middle school and high school, things that people say cut like a knife . someone can tell us a thousand awesome things about ourselves and the one negative thing always seems to stick out . we let people make fun of our beliefs and passions in life . people treat us like dirt and we think it's our fault . we let people tear us apart by the things they say and do to us .

for what ? who knows you better than you ? what person is perfect enough to make yo feel like you are incompetent or incapable of pursuing your goals in life ? who is soooo much better than you, that they can make you feel like you don't deserve the best ? please tell me . your "self-esteem" is just that . it's in your hands and in your control . it's good to have people around who tell you about yourself, but you have to know when it's strictly out of love [trust me, you'll know] . take control of your confidence and never let anyone bring it down . that's a lot of power to give to someone, and i promise they're not worthy enough to hold on to it .

something to think about .

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