if this were yesterday,
i would want to drink your laughs .
i imagine a taste that would make me grin a thousand sins . i would win
just listening of your triumphs over troubles . your strength . your courage . your story .
if this were yesterday, i would have taken the time to peel through the pages .

if this were tomorrow,
our eyes could have introduced themselves .
i could have tapped my feet to the tune of our pulses ... flirting & fleeting . beating
hearts pressed in each other and looking for the rhythm .
if this were tomorrow, i would have cared about our 'almost song' .

but it's today .
today-the piping leather in my car stuck to my back & made me feel unattractive .
today i sipped too much cherry coke-zero and it never quenched my thirst . even worse,
i looked into the eyes of Venice beach 'weirdos' & saw love ...beyond romance & typical .
today my hair didn't wanna act right .
my gas tank shrank my pockets tight .
i wanna skip this day & drown in the night .

sad to say, it's today ... we'll have to go our separate ways .

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  1. hmm..so its u in this???

    if u dont mind i wanna knw u more...!!