hot wind .

in the corner of my room is a box, filled with
the things i never said . the things i didn't ask . the things i didn't have to ask . things of livid taste .
things that would rip off my much needed emotional stitches , leaving my naked soul bleeding on a stack of meaningless perplexity .
things that would spread the gates of hades like thighs and devour the sun .
eat your heart out Pandora .

so you can only imagine
that this box would be buried under a pile of clothes , intentionally .
it's wrapped up in duck tape & quacks at me from time to time . but Zora said that God made us "DUCK BY DUCK", so i assume that there will be more boxes in life ...

but today .
under God and a fair witness in myself , i will throw the box onto the side of the road . you see, storage is just that-storage . i have run out of room and the contents of that box will be donated to a fertile heart in need of a testimony .

amen .

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