lowered eyes .

"What makes humility so desirable is the marvelous thing it does to us; it creates in us a capacity for the closest possible intimacy with God”
- Monica Baldwin .

i hung out with this guy . all he did the entire night was talk about how 'real' he was and how he 'doesn't give a fxck' about anything . i felt extremely uncomfortable because his insecurity was flashing in the air like a bat signal . it reminded me of times when someone has a booger in their nose and you're too afraid to say anything . yuuup, it was just like that ...except more annoying . you see, i didn't need convincing that he was "real" . clearly he felt the need to tell me like i was some authority on fake ? honestly, i just wanted him to shut up .

the same thing applies to our generation as a whole . we walk around like we're so gorgeous, hood, popular, artsy and/or glamorous . we walk around trying to prove it to ourselves ... through the validation of others . i still laugh at my AOL instant messenger name because it's seriously ridiculous [but i was in high school & i thought it was cool lol ] . we pump ourselves up so much & hope that no one gets the bright idea to pop us . don't misunderstand me, i think it is vital to have confidence because people are so ready to tear you down in the world .people hate . people sabotage . it may sound extreme, but some people watch you & plot against your happiness -sad but true . nevertheless, i think humility is the ultimate sign of confidence .

bringing your nose out of the air and yourself down to earth is something that a lot of people have trouble doing . being humble does three things: 1, it makes you vulnerable . people are afraid to acknowledge their faults because they're afraid that others will attack . that's silly . no one is perfect and if someone thinks that they are, then they're opinion is worth nothing . 2, humility strips you of ' the facade '. if you level your head and mind, you can see how foolish other people are around you . you realize that putting on a mask of 'excessive narcissism' everyday can become a bit tiring . 3, it brings you closer to God . how can you truly worship a higher power if you are subconsciously worshiping yourself ? think about it .

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