whoa , you think you are that f*cking cool ? .. inspired by shihan

congratulations !!!

you are the walking display of materialism, insecurity, and ignorance incarnate . im so impressed that you were able to embody the essence of every other LA resident that you have ever seen . thank you for your consistency . as frequent as the seasons change, i can expect your personality to as well . you know , you used to be lame . so concerned with others think of you . making sure you had friends who you knew werent friends to begin with . its funny though, not much has changed ....i guess funny in the kind of way that death is ? you`re transparent . as much as we see your new fit, we see your thirst for acceptance. if everyone jumped off of a bridge ... wait , you did . you left your stability and foundation, only to drown in a big body of iphones, body ink, hooker heels, levi jeans, fitted hats, & mini skirts from american apparel . we are entitled to our style just like we deserve to breathe air. but sweetie, thats just not you . last year you were 'bohemian' ? this year you wear tu-tus & tights ? in november, you were political . buht two months ago you went through your hippie smoker stage . who are you ? hell, who am i talking to ? you sure as hell dont know ;

they say if you stand for something then youll fall for anything . well sir , i think you scraped your knee . & your stomach is bleeding. & your shoulders. your hands, your face, your soul . i tried to help, but i only have so many band-aids .

this time, you`re on your own .

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