heroes in love .

as teenagers , we often think that the age of '16' or '18' makes us entitled to the wisdom of understanding what 'LOVE' is . like making us a day over the required age causes some biological development of compassion & selflessness . psh .

i dont know how many times we are allotted to fall in love . i dont know if 'love at first sight' truly exists . i dont even know if ive ever truly been in love . but i know what love looks like .

could you love a woman who had no hair ? comming home and rubbing her bald head while she cried in the mirror. helping her to shave the stubble hairs off from time to time ? could you love a girl with tatts ? not from the parlor, but from radiation visits . three little dots to mark where to zap . would you buy her ginger for her nausea ? you hold her while she cries ? would you look past her burnt veins from the chemo ? thats love . giving all of you and showing courage even when you are terrified all on your own .

i know what love looks like . & real love never wants to hide its beauty . so u never have to worry about true love wearing masks . this is dedicated to the strongest, realest, honorable man i know ... my dad . & this is in loving memory of the strongest, couragest, beautiful woman i knew ... my mom . i pray to have one day what you two shared for almost 20 years .

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