they knew it was comming ;

Disney's Trailer for the First African American Princess:

okay , so . im going to try and not jump down the throats of the racist disney corporation lol . "Tiana" is the name of the first EVER Black disney princess. For the longest time, all we could ever claim was maybe jasmine from Aladdin ? lol . so, it is only acceptable that people have high expectations... have they been met ? i cant say im sure. Mulan was in china . Snow white was in some far away cottage . Bell lived in a glamourous castle ...'somewhere'. However, we have Tiana who stays in New Orleans? (which was an upgrade from Alabama where the movie writers originally had her placed). They originally named her 'maddy' ... , what thee hell ? they might has well suggested 'anna mae' . The movie is entitled "The princess and the Frog"...how glamorous right? but hey, we cant complain... it was initially called "The Frog Princess".

i let them muther effers slide when they did the lionking ...a greeeeat movie !!
but somehow the setting was in africa and NO ONE had an african accent except
for rafiki's baboon a** . lol mmhm haha, but hey ... i digress :

anywho, & for our handsome, strong Black men ... you will not be represented in this picture lmxo . sowy . Tiana's prince is white. I have mixed feelings about this because i feel like people are going to be displeased regardless of what Disney does. at the same time, did disney disregard the idea of a black prince because it would discourage others to come and see it ? I just feel like every other princess was so prestigious & classy. They were the epitome of womanhood and grace. Disney may have simply screwed us over . we will have to watch and see. i just want my little cousin to grow up & not equate herself with the princess who was 'almost' as special as the others ;

& what the F*CK is up with that snaggled tooth, country bumpkin crackhead firefly bug thing ? thats that bullshxt . >:0

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