s i m p l e .

simplicity please ? i'd love some .

no past memories of heartbreak and devastation .
no expectations of what we will be or wont be .
i put the worries, insecurities, and inhabitions in a ziplock bag & out of reach .
the pressure of finding 'the right one' would pushed out of a fifteen story window .
the wondering how they like your hair, what to wear, what sounds intense and akward .


how about my sweatpants? what about my ugg boots? i know theyre ugly, but they feel like clouds. what do you think of my hair up in a messy bun ? wait, who cares wat you think ... just like it real quick, okay ? my toes need a rest, no heels tonight . that means no wondering if you're pissed about paying for dinner again . movies and pizza instead sounds perfect...my treat. we can kiss during the romantic scenes...its up to you. either way, i had no expectations. i just wanna laugh at the funny parts... so hard that my stomach is aching. im not planning out my wedding, im just tryna lay in that nook of your chin & chest .

simplicity .

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