thoughts on a sunday morning ;

this is just a thought process, nothing more .

two years ago today ... i dont know where the hell i was . haha, i could lie and say i remember but then id have to make up some story . i just know i was in California, and naive . its crazy how time can change so much of your life . i experienced the loss of my mom, i met a guy who changed my life forever, & i met friends who backstabbed & had my back through the worst & best of times . It's crazy, when you live in California ... its almost impossible to see yourself leave . even though it criples us because we lose perspective & humanity for others .

When i meet people now, i hold the idea in the back of my mind that they could potentially change my life. They might give you directions on the street, that leads you to the place that you'll get hit by a stray bullet. That guy at the club who you think is just a guy and will end up being a 3 year relationship. That girl you saw two days ago is the same girl who will give you a job two years later. life is funny that way . life has a dry, malicious sense of humor...beware. the same girl you trusted for fifteen years can sleep with your husband later . life is FUNNY . no ?

I just cant believe im in a dorm room in DC visiting my friend at Howard with neon green nail polish & my hair sweated out . how did i get here ? who wouldve known a month ago that i would be on the train riding by the capital ? who wouldve known that i would be living in Atlanta going to Spelman ? Who wouldve known that the asian lady over there by CVS would have waxed my eyebrows too skinny and that i woulda liked them ?! lmxo .

...i just wonder what lies ahead. & even though i have been burned by lifes curling iron, i still look forward to the things to come . =) idk ... life is just funny that way ....i guess.

btw, if i bored you ...dont care lol . this one was for me .

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