my artist .

i want an artist boyfriend .

a guy who can paint the swirls of brown in my pigment . a guy who can pick out the shades of brown to use . the guy who can appreciate my melanin browns: cafe, mocha & caramel . the painter who can imagine the taste & paint it on his canvas . a guy who will splash his frustrations on the white surface & stroke what needs stroking . dab and blot the tiny tinkle of specks in my eyes until he needs the real thing ;

a guy who escapes the world into his music . someone with a get-away that can take my hand and heart with him . we can jump off clefs & swim with octaves . just so he can show me his world of notes & make me quiver with quavers . he'll stare at me & figure out how to catch the beat that my heart makes when he's far & near . pressing the piano hard so i can hear , not the notes but the effort . the passion ;

a guy who can click and stop the tick of my heart . capturing that part of my body that i was oblivious to . the photographer who appreciates every second of me from the open, movement, and close of my eyelids when i blink . dipping me into wetness until he lifts me up to hang and dry in his darkroom . catching the light that falls on my scars ... blushing while he attempts to capture them , calling them beauty ;

mmm , a guy who can scratch his pen to write his name in my soul . lips opening and closing over and over . personification and imagery taking me with him anywhere he wants . digging into my mind to find analogies and relativity dipped in chocolate . sweeter than the things he puts into his mouth, the things he takes out , whoa . he should keep his words for himself ... we are not worthy ;

can my soul even handle such bliss ?

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  1. Im a painter (Artist) just thought I would stop by.Your an absolute artist dream.I will be splashing the colors about you,turning canvas in to silk,paint into dreams,when Im done I will embrace your image so tight,the frame will crush in the rush,and you will fall upon me like a draped and exhausted work of art,smearing down from me in a tired melt ,only leaving the downwards smears of mixed color and hue as mixed in the sweat and breath of my tired body.
    You are a symphony of color baby.
    thanx for the dream