war of thee genetalia .

who will wave their white flag first ?
apparently we are at war with each other .
planting grenades in each others pockets & vaginas .
excuse my graphic imagery, but the elite of both side knows where the other's weakness is .
women try to g u a r d their softspots, because to men ... its just sex .
they shank you & then leave you bleeding & wounded .
Men keep their hands in their pockets so no other fingers can fit inside . $$ is their virginity & when the enemy invades , it burns like acid torture everytime .

however, this war is special ... the opposing sides NEED each other for survival ;
women & men are plagued with two different burdens .

women crave intimacy. not sex. they want someone who's strong to make them feel like they are the only one that he sees . sex makes women hallucinate because their mindset is mind set into naivete . during they day, they can discrimate lies from the genuine. but, whatever they hear in those sheets is soaked into their skin like water that never gets sweated out. they want to be held, they want to see him transform his strength so he can caress her like she's fragile ...like she's valuable ...like she's his money .

men want the one thing that will kill them in the end . money sustains them for only so long . it brings temporary satisfaction for boys who can only appreciate material . money is a tricky criptonite . money creates over ambition & blindfolds you until you cant see happiness for what it really is . money keeps you warm in the winter, but it'll burn you to death when youre in a place of comfort . money, cars, clothes, & hos are only for the shallow & artificial . if theyre lucky, they can figure out what real happiness is before they are held hostage for too long .

* until each party knows who they are & grows the courage to trust ... there is no winner .

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