thoughts stacked high.

"life, i learned is not fair. if they teach anything in schools, that should be it." -Nicholas Sparks

So. I’m sitting in LAX with a $2.80 Starbucks banana bread and $3.30 water in my lap, trying to evaluate the holidays. This past week in Los Angeles was exactly what I needed to contextualize my life and bring in the New Year. As I reflect back on my trip, I pinpointed a few topics worthy of discussion. 

    -- I spent time with my dad and grandparents. While this may sound mundane, their insight is blowing my mind. My dad revealed things to me about his relationship with my mother- things that made me see trust, love, and honesty a little differently. Also, my grandparents have an invested interest in my love life for some odd reason. All in all, I am forced to reevaluate some things.

    --My social life and outlook of Los Angeles has simultaneously shifted. While I have a hard time dealing with Atlanta’s fifty thousand dollar “millionaires”, Los Angeles has revealed its true colors to me. It’s funny to me how the most beautiful city can be the most insecure.

     --The reason why I love my male friends so much is because they keep me grounded. They tell me their outlook (even if they know it will offend me) and they push honesty to the fullest. Discussions about my disloyalty to California men, the word “bitch”, and my blog have all had me in the hot seat.

 ... here we go;

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