platformed expectations.

I have a friend back home who broke up with her boyfriend. She felt like the relationship wasn’t healthy anymore- a union filled with resentment and complacency. She asked my opinion. I told her that I’m single and I don’t want to be “that single friend” (lol).  Her other friends were giving her a hard time… implying that her reasons for the break-up were not legitimate enough. Nevertheless, I told her that I was behind her one hundred percent… regardless of her decision. I also told her that I could understand where she was coming from…

Look. Some things in life are really beyond our control. We cannot control disease. We have little to no control over the well being of our families' health and their lives. No control over the stock market, the weather, or time. We lend ourselves to so much chance and probability. The ONE thing we can control, however, is with whom we choose to cuff. 

We have to “make lemonade” out of so many situations in life that are beyond our control. Why should we have to do the same with our relationships? Now, i am an advocate for trying to work on a relationship before completely throwing it to the birds. However, i also think that we are too young to simply be "content" in our relationships. Just because a girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t cheat on you, does not mean he’s the one for you. Just because a guy doesn’t stick his fist in your eye, does not mean he’s your soul mate. Relationships are complex; but one thing is simple. We deserve to be happy. Unless you’re married, you should not have to sacrifice your well being because of an optional obligation. All in all, we’re too young to be tied down in a place that’s unpleasant. Be happy.