so i know it's real.

ahem ahem. You don’t have to tat my name on it. It makes no difference, really.
I know so many people who got it “tatted” and it has absolutely NO significance now. The tattoo could just as easily say, “Kung Pao Chicken”. You can keep that. If it’s “real”, you could try this:

Men, if it’s real, treat a lady with respect ... in all venues and circumstance. There is no use in “treating me like a lady” in person if you’re going to speak reckless of me to your friends. It’s pointless to be respectful on campus and then a douche bag in the club. There is no use in “watching your language around me” if you are calling me out of my name behind closed doors. Real gentlemen would approach a lady with consistent respect, even when she was nowhere to be found. That’s “REAL”.

Ladies, accept that a man has flaws so he knows it’s real. NO man will be equipped with everything you want. A lot of women want a guy who has a beautiful smile, buff arms, extremely keen mind, great sense of humor, poet, skateboarder, athlete, astronaut, left-handed, 6’2, money, with a pet lama. The crazy part is if women actually got "the perfect man", they would probably be too insecure to even be happy. Ladies, we have flaws too. If he can accept that you’re not a beauty queen in the morning, the way you always call during the Cowboys game, or the way you gossip, then you should accept him for him.

Leave the games at home SO I KNOW it’s real. Consider the last conversation you had with someone you’re dating. Why did you say the things you said? Was your friends’ advice clouding your thoughts? Were you afraid of saying too much? Did you wait to send the text or call so you wouldn’t seem “thirsty”? Did you lie about what you were doing or whom you were with? A wise soul recently told me, “If your first move is fake, don’t expect a real reaction.” Even if the other person's response is genuine, it’s only based on something that’s initially false from your end. Take off your cool, so I know it’s real.

You don’t have to tat it. BE REAL so i know it's real.


  1. so so true. i think when you finally realize "the perfect" guy does not exist it opens your mind to be more accepting of different types of guys. but it is hard to accept them for everything! flaws and the things that he does that you like


  2. yeaup ! people just have to know which things are worth compromising & we have to humble ourselves and know that we aren't perfect either ..