a thought.

holy crap, it's 2012. it just hit me (i guess i do things on my own time) and all i can say is, "WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING?"

we have cellphones now that severely mimic things from the movie "irobot" and that cheesy disney channel movie with the talking, computer house. smart house? yeah. anyway, i read this article and i can't help but realize how "enhanced" society has become. bigger cars. taller high heels. high heels with no heel. smarter technology. larger breasts. less pages, more "kindles". less neighborhood football games, more wii nights. dumber kids. fatter kids. poor kids. higher gas prices. lower self-respect. more babies. less parents. a disgustingly crazy obsession with "reality" shows. & an even grosser fascination with ourselves.

In a random article that i read (it's posted at the bottom), the author proposes, "Tell someone who you love that you love them on a more regular basis. To their face, not in a text." I had to stop myself. I didn't even CONSIDER telling someone face-to-face. 

Have you ever looked at someone while they're passionately talking? like, really looked? laugh lines. those little wrinkles at the corner of a person's eyes? cutting of eyes. a nervous twitch. uncomfortable eyes. an endearing gaze. wide smiles ... not emoticons. if you pay enough attention, you can see huge red hearts in the eyes of another, you don't need to send it digitally. I talk. A lot. I love conversation and thinking and listening to people's opinions. We have to get back to that ... before we're born with "batteries sold separately".

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