the gender see-saw .

While I was in Los Angeles with one of my friends, he confessed he had a bone to pick with me. He told me that one of my blog posts went a little too hard on men. I was impressed. I can appreciate when someone expresses an opinion that differs from my own. & even though we didn’t get to discuss the post specifically, we spoke about my outlook on manhood.

Although I do not have any apologies about my recent stance, I'll admit that I probably needed to write a disclaimer before i started to express such bold sentiments:

People that really know me know that I like to approach dating from a common-sense standpoint. Fortunately or unfortunately, my mindset can mirror my male friends from time to time.

I used to scold women about being "stupid" in relationships. I saw them doing the most desperate, pathetic things growing up and I couldn't stand it. I still can’t stand it.  I can’t stand women who think sex will keep a man faithful. I can’t stand women who are stupid enough to think a baby will keep a relationship strong. I still can’t stand girls who are willing to put their self-respect on the back–burner for disrespectful douche bags. Nothing has changed in that regard. 

However, I think I need to hold men more accountable for their actions. I still can’t stand men who need to call women “bitches and whores” in order to validate their manhood. I still can’t stand men who emotionally and physically abuse their girlfriends. I can’t stand rape. I can't stand cheating. I still cannot believe that there are “men” at the age of 21 who still gossip and lie on females.

Simply put, I do not mind being a conscience for either party. We need to love ourselves and love others. Although i usually level my writing field, I’ll admit I have been a little hard on men lately. It just scares me that men my age are going into the world with a briefcase full of double standards and chauvinistic views. These men are going to marry women. These men are going to raise sons and daughters. I’m concerned. I’m concerned that the next generation will not know what a self-respecting, honest man looks like. 

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