letter to a meddling friend ...

to the nosey, wish-me-no-well friend,

this letter is for every girl who worries that their friend is "that hater". conniving friend, at first, you always seem to be so "concerned" with our lives. you want to know where we're going, what we're doing, who we are texting, and who we are with. you stick your nose in our endeavors and ask a thousand questions. at first, we'll brush off the fact that you scrunch up your nose at guys that we're dating or the men we're crushing on. we'll charge that to the game and say that you're just expressing your opinion. we'll shrug and say, "that's fine, i guess."

slowly, but surely, we'll notice you making snide comments like, "nah, i dont like him for you." and walking away as if your "extremely articulate and well-versed" opinion is God's immaculate gift to the green earth. we'll tilt our heads in confusion when we see you flirting with ex-boyfriends and talked-to's (probably the same guys that you advised us not to date). Similarly, it's only right that we would catch you venting to other friends about how we're 'not as pretty as people say she is'. Yes, the subtle, wish-me-no-well friends, we see you.

Any girl with a hatin' bitter friend.

p.s. too many times we let our friends influence our lives when they dont know the first thing about how to live. i can often times sympathize with men who are annoyed by their girl's friends. they often times throw out their opinion with little good intention and when NO ONE ASKED THEM. make sure the people surrounding you are true friends. be careful of brutus.

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