white oleanders .

aoh . you smoke ? urple ? og kush ? janjaweed ? wait . you never heard of that last one ? That one gets you higher than any other . It's found in the motherland . The adreneline rush . It's almost like hiding in your hut while men shove cold steel to your sister's head . it's almost like hearing the pregnant pistol push out its first born . it's almost like running to the police with bloodstained hands to find out that they sent them, what a rush . right ? That janja-'good good' .
Oh. i heard you like the to stay fly . Diamonds? gold chains? want a pearl? JEM ? well , if only we had enough J.E.M.'s to help the people who needed it the most . Cause beyond the 'bling' is a blind ambition for peace . a prayer for a justice and equality movement . How many minutes do you spend complaining about life ? maybe 200,000 to 500,000 ? The hole in which some have to crawl into is Darker than the fur on your mink .
eneric, glazed-over eyes make it easy to ignore the pain. Easy to pretend that it's a 'civil war' . No one wants to take lashes for 'savages' who have more intellect than 80% of our country. On the horizon of our conscious thoughts, we cower from that social responsibility. Cheadle spoke up .
I will never know true humanity for myself until i see it . Damned if we dont, damned if we dont . Express some heart .

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