peace of mouth .

Oh shxt . Here they comes again. pushing, kicking, elbowing the meeting of my lips. words. i dont know why i speak so fast . No one in my family does, it's not embedded in my DNA. I hate it as much as christmas shopping on the 23rd ! Fast talking is a reflection of weakness. it portrays an eagerness, a rushed answer, a loss of composure. My mind shows my brilliance, my name keeps me humble, my body reflects my purity. perfectly. but, damn this toungue of mine. :/

i speak fast because i think too fast. i sit for about two minutes sometimes and when im ready to speak, it comes out like a whirlwind of thoughts, analogies & perceptions. more than i bargained for. so , when you hear a jummble of words shoot out like a slingshot, understand .

now dont get me wrong, i dont wanna sound like a slowmotion-word-retard. i dont
need to sound extra drawnnn out to the point that i cannot seem to get my words
out before i lose my train of thought . i just want a little peace in my mouth.

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