redemption ;

i hurt my grandpa's feelings last january . He asked me about the presidential nomination and i told him, "i dont think theyre gunna give it to him." I said the statement with so much ease and charisma. I didnt blink twice, i didnt breathe too heavily. Nothing was too big for me in that moment. BUT i saw the disappointment in his eyes. He saw the loss of hope in mine. my disdain bled all on my grandmother's lace . He cringed at my statement. I tried to recant, "Well, its not like i dont want him to win the nomination, i just think America may not be ready..." His eyes eased from disappointment to understanding, but not because of my re-word-re-try-to-ease-his-heart statement . He was saddened by the loss of faith in the world. A tender age of seventeen is no age to lose hope . My neck wasnt raw with the burns of a noose . My flesh was not broken by the water of firehoses. My eyes did not burn from the sight of burning crosses. Who was i to lose hope if my grandfather of age 68 had not ? From that hot mending of ideas, i found a different perspective laying in the dark corners of my heart ... that perspective was hope .

Hope was the difference between the win and the loss of Barack Obama . The belief that things could change . Without this, nothing is possible . This is not only a "Black Victory", this is a humanity expanse .

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