my love letter to pharrell .

Dear mr. williams ,

i cheated . im so sorry . but honestly, it's your fault . i loved you since you were frontin' . & i stayed . i loved your slanted eyes that breathed mischief and your small t-shirts that looked like they might blend in with your skin if they got any tighter . sigh . but you introduced me to that mistress . i was just supposed to like you . but i fell in love with your child. i know, i know ... i should be ashamed . but i am in love with ... 'seeing sounds' . don't judge me . I mean, dont get me wrong, change clothes kissed my neck, and bobby james took me out to eat once . I'll even admit to a nookie wave hickey with lazer gun carrier.

but damn 'Rell . 'seeing sounds' is not an album ... its a lover that drags its fingertips throughout my ears and soul . i got it bad . That line, "Your friendship means the most to me" made me blush a magenta red . The drums in anti-matter hit everybone in my body . The piano in you know what swept my spirit into another demension . I know its hard to hear , but im in love with the both of you . This love bomb triangle might be able to work though ... what do you think ? Let me know sooner or later because i need you . sighhhhh

All of my love,
Stevi Renee .


  1. man this is the ish...real talk....no homo

  2. the way you express words is amazing... like wow. :]

  3. thanks 'kimo sabe' ... whoever you are, i appreciate it lots =)