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What if the civil rights movement never happened? Water fountains would never be the same. How sad they would be, seeing the same kind of lips approach it every day. Poor restaurant door handles. It would suck feeling same white fingers gripping them with hatred and disdain, while the Blacks crept in through the back. What if we never heard N.E.R.D? Hip-hop would never be intertwined with sound and sight. My ipod would die of boredom without the guitar strings, vocals, and rapping. No Lauryn Hill to make me cry when no one else seemed to understand. No “Adore” by Prince, no classics. No Purple Rain, Ray Charles, Rocc Boys by Jay? What if there was no Barack Obama? It took years and years and months and seconds, minutes, decades, and years. Do you think another one would’ve come anytime soon? Spoke with his conviction? Made us believe? What if we never invented the airplane? Wait. We didn’t invent the airplane, someone else did. Someone we are not and can never be. Pro-life .

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