touch me, tease me .

"They say that a literary “theme” is supposed to be a commentary on the human condition. Well, I have to admit that I go through life trying to string together the "themes" in life. After tying a few strings together, It astonishes me how people are sincerely surprised when they are approached for the things they flaunt the most."
 Often times, the term “tease” is associated with women.- and rightfully so. As women, we love to feel appreciated. As a result, we often times drive men to insanity with our flirtatious behavior and ambiguous sexual advances. Somehow, we have the audacity to be surprised when we are seen as mere objects. Picture this scenario:  A young lady rummages through her closet for that form-fitting, little black dress. Her boobs are up to her chin and the bottom of the dress hits jussssssst below the curve of her butt. PERFECT. She gets to the club and a guy (surrounded by his friends of course) says, “dammmmmmmn, look at all dat ass.” Of course, she makes a scene and curses him out.
Now pause. We constantly bring attention to our bodies in extreme ways and become offended when men react. Do not misunderstand me, he should never grab your ass in the club- that’s reckless, disrespectful and thirsty. However, you cannot show your breasts and thighs and expect a man to wonder about your favorite William Faulkner novel.

Now, men are funny. I scroll on twitter: “it’s money over bxtches”, “Im making my first million by twenty-four”, and “BMF” (blowing money fast). I meet men and they are talking about how much money they are making and bragging about their job offers after school. yes, there is a fine line between taking pride in yourself & BRAGGING. This generation of men is obsessed with flashing money. Nevertheless, as soon as a woman approaches him- in awe of his materialistic possessions- she is a “golddigger”. seriously? Essentially, each and every one of us are brands and your advertising tactics appeal to a targeted demographic. Be real with yourself. I am not saying that men should not strive for nice things. However, if that is what youre promoting then that will yield a certain response.

How can a person of the opposite sex be interested in something that they think is non-existent? If you promote your superficial and shallow values, you will: 1) be treated as such 2) attract the same sort of people.  If you want someone to appreciate your personality, promote the fact that you have one.


  1. LOVE THIS. Well effing said. When I show a lil cleave, I EXPECT a double take. When I show my intellect, I expect a productive conversation or engagement!

    It's much like fishing; give the fish what he wants and he's sure to come take a bite. If suddenly fish preferred gummy worms instead of real worms, I'm sure fishermen/women everywhere would patronize gas stations and other gummy worm destinations all the time! (and probably be thankful they don't have to deal with the squirmy tendencies of real worms)

    It could all be so simple....


  2. HA !! i swear you always give the most insightful comments on my posts lol. but yes, im happy we're on the same page lol :)