"lament over love" by langston hughes

I hope my child'll
Never love a man.
I say I hope my child'll
Nevr love a man.
Love can hurt youbrokenheart1.jpg
Mo'n anything else can.

I'm goin' down to the river
An' I ain't goin there to swim.
My true love's left me
And I'm goin' there to think about him.

Love is like whiskey,
Love is like red, red wine.
Love is like whiskey,
Like sweet red wine.
If you want to be happy
You got to love all the time.

I'm goin' up in a tower
Tall as a tree is tall,
Up in a tower
Tall as a tree is tall.
Gonna think about my man-
And let my fool-self fall.


  1. I effing love this.


    unapologetic hopeless romantic.

    1. I LOVE that you said that ! :)

    2. Love the shift in the poem form anti love to realization that it's the best thing. :)