paper-clipped praying hands

"you've gotta past and i do to; we're perfect for each other..."

i was talking about testimonies with my friend today and i realized how much God really makes us tailor-made to inspire others. It's really astonishing. a testimony about self-hatred, estranged fathers, loss of family and friends, illness, or poverty can work to build up other people around us. it can really help to strengthen a person's character.

however, i think it's important that we watch carefully about shifting our testimonies into baggage. there is truly a fine line. often times, the things we have overcome make us stronger, but they can also make us self-riteous, bitter, apprehensive in love, and SKEPTICAL of everyone around us. everyone claims to have "a past" or a former heartbreak. join the club.

AND i don't have a solution. i wish i did. essentially, we are our past experiences - a bundle of events and our reactions to them. we can learn from hardship with humility, positivity and creativity. OR, we can let them dictate us and haunt us. just a thought, happy saturday :)

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