red pill or blue pill ..

this situation is bigger than chris brown and rihanna.
honestly, i cannot believe that my peers (grown adults) cannot understand how much work happens to create "image".

i have heard so many celebrities say, "i am an artist, not a role model." nevertheless, these same celebrities  spend more time and energy on their image and commercial appeal than their actual craft. musicians are not getting paid millions of dollars to "be themselves" ahahaha. are you serious! they are being paid to create a fantasy ... they are being paid to be the popular kids in a global highschool. they are being paid to make little boys and girls want to BE THEM. big execs, publicists, and record labels arent going to risk millions of dollars on celebrities "being themselves". wake up.

im sorry to burst your bubble, but someone in Robin's marketing camp sat her down after "the incident" and told her that her image was reaching a pivotal fork in the road. on the right side, she could be the advocate for domestic violence victims (which proved to cause a lot of backlash and negative reaction) OR she could go on the left side and be the angry, dangerous bad girl. if you believe that her abrupt transformation wasn't a marketing strategy, then you're in for a rude awakening.

YES. celebrities are models. they are selling you their fragrances. they are selling you their shoes. they are walking billboards for designers. it's hypocritical of "artists" to want teens and young adults to smell like them, drink like them, sing like them, & dress like them ... but not to behave like them. While i believe that Chris and Robin are well within their rights to see each other (although i think it's unhealthy), they need to be realistic about the message they're sending. They need to be realistic about their influence on millions of impressionable teenagers. They need to stop rationalizing their faults and take some accountability. 

if they're not, the least YOU can do is realize that the ideology of "celebrity" is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. 

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