Pretty Girl [Knock] it Off...

as spring break approaches, women are stepping their game up. 
we are plucking, tweezing, WEAVING, WAXING, dieting, s h o p p i n g, & prepping for sandy beaches and sunny skies. i've noticed, however, that somewhere along the fresh pressed hair and trying on bathing suits ... we tend to dress ourselves in a layer of arrogance as well.

[i was sitting on campus the other day and noticed a girl at the counter of our coffee shop. she was busy fixing her drink and her hair was freshly done, nails done too. a young man walked up to the girl and told her she was beautiful. She laughed, muttered, "thank you", rolled her eyes and turned her back to him. he walked away, essentially looking like someone stole his bike.]

i wonder... where is our sense of humanity? who are we (girls) to treat guys with so much disrespect? i always consider how hard it must be for men to approach us and ask us out. If i'm ever awkward, it's because I'm a little embarrassed from the attention (depending on the approach). women get so caught up on feeling themselves that they don't want to humble themselves. mind you, we paint our faces in tubs of make-up, wear push-up bras, weave, fake nails, eyelashes, and God knows what else. I'm not saying anything is wrong with that, but lets be honest. Why do we think we're so high and mighty when half of our "beauty" is accredited to the products we buy on our credit cards? 

A guy recently told me that he always sees me talking to "weird niggas". I laughed a little and said, "Maybe they're weird, but i like their conversation. They have strong intellect." First off, no salt nor shade thrown on the person who told me that- that is their opinion. Yet and still, i have come to find that i cannot have stimulating, three hour conversations with a man's Concords or Mercedes Benz. I love a man with impeccable style JUST AS MUCH as i love a man with a keen mind. If i walked around dismissing every guy deemed "weird", it would be a disservice to myself and my potential growth as a person. Who am i to decide if a guy is worthy of respect? worthy of being treated with decency? I just think that is something worth considering ... 


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