letter to my unborn daughter

to my heiress of the throne,

understand that being a Queen implies that others will want you to fall . never give into the gallows of insecure men who try to behead you and rid you of your mind. plant your thoughts into ripened soil and let your ideas flourish. little boys are intimidated by a strong mind, but sturdy men will appreciate one. 

never be ashamed of your emotions. society will suggest that they make you weak, rid you of your strength. false, your majesty. harness your feelings and channel them into expression. nothing is wrong with a sense of humanity. be careful because wild, uncultivated emotions can shake the tectonic plates in your relationships and life. instead, throw your emotions into the air -sparking salt into the bland world around you.  

Maya Angelou said, "Does my sexiness upset you?/ Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds/ At the meeting of my thighs?" my child, you have diamonds ! & NEVER let a man or woman depreciate the value of them. what they do with their coal is their business.  you are so much more than breasts, thighs, and ass. and if you so happen to stump your toe on a man worthy of your treasure, make sure he has the patience, endurance, and focus to dig for the reward that is you .

laugh. play. cry. hug. kiss. think. hard. interior design the outside world as if it were your own, lush living room. protect & provide for the ones you care for when others fall short. never cut the umbilical cord that connects you to your spirituality. speak to God and listen for the response. strip yourself of sticky facades. go barefoot. go naked, but stay strapped for war. my love, ak-47s won't be enough to equip you for the internal battle of life; if you're confused ... i'll be sure to place Ephesians 6:10 underneath your pillows.

i'm not sure if you will be pushed from my womb or pulled out from the ink of adoption papers, but i love you, unconditionally. my daughter ... you are woman, let them hear you roar. 


  1. that was beyond beautiful.

  2. thank you so much & thanks for reading <3